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Want to buy exelon 10mg mastercard - where to buy 50mg in thailand

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My dad seems to be much more connected to reality. Exelon really does its job.

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I am 71 and my mom died at 91 after a long decline into total dementia, though not Alzheimer's. When she was given Exelon, she became quite difficult and insulting, so we took her off. I was experiencing initial stages of decline at the time and so I tried her remaining patches for 10 days, at 4mg strength. I immediately felt an improvement in clarity and motivation, but I am under heavy blood pressure medicines and so still did not have the ability to do all I wanted. After 10 days I stopped the patches and quickly went back to my somewhat confused and listless situation. Three months later I got a prescription and began using the patches again with the significant improvement. But a 9.5 dose makes me aggressive. Problem is the price.

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